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The Barbizon School

France, Mid-19th Century

The Barbizon School was a group of landscape artists working in the area of the French town of Barbizon, south of Paris. They rejected the Academic tradition, abandoning theory in an attempt to achieve a truer representation of life in the countryside, and are part of the French Realist movement.

Theodore Rousseau (not to be confused with naive artist Henri Rousseau) is the best-known member of the group. Other prominent members included Constant Troyon and Charles-Francois Daubigny.

Realist painters Jean-Francois Millet and Camille Corot are also sometimes loosely associated with this school.

The Barbizon School artists are often considered to have sown the seeds of Modernism with their individualism, and were the forerunners of the Impressionists, who took a similar philosophical approach to their art.

Chronological Listing of Barbizon School Members
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Camille Flers 1802-1868 French Painter
Narcisse-Virgile Diaz de la Pena 1807-1876 French Painter
Constant Troyon 1810-1865 French Painter
Jules Dupre 1811-1889 French Painter
Theodore Rousseau 1812-1867 French Painter
Charles Emile Jacque 1813-1894 French Painter
Leon-Victor Dupre 1816-1879 French Painter
Charles-Francois Daubigny 1817-1878 French Painter
Antonio Fontanesi 1818-1882 Italian Painter
William Morris Hunt 1824-1879 American Painter
Jules Jacques Veyrassat 1828-1893 French Painter
Paul Desire Trouillebert 1829-1900 French Painter
Homer Dodge Martin 1836-1897 American Painter
Alexis Jean Fournier 1865-1948 American Painter



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