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Arte Povera

Italy, 1960s to 1970s

Italian for "Impoverished Art" or "Poor Art", the term Arte Povera was introduced by Germano Celant as a label for a small group of artists who were experimenting with nontraditional and politically charged art.

These artists created and explored modes of expression such as ephemeral art, performance art, installation art and assemblage. These techniques have since become extremely common tools in contemporary art; in fact this is one of the reasons that such a small and short-lived movement continues to have such relevance today.

One of the clearest influences on the group is Marcel Duchamp, who could be considered the founder of Conceptual Art. His "Readymade" sculptures, especially his infamous "Fountain" Urinal, have the same kind of subversive power that Arte Povera works aim for.


Chronological Listing of Barbizon School Members
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Lucio Fontana 1899-1968 Argentine/Italian Sculptor/Painter
Mario Merz 1925-2003 Italian
Marisa Merz Born 1931 Italian Sculptor
Piero Manzoni 1933-1963 Italian Conceptual Artist
Michelangelo Pistoletto Born 1933 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Giovanni Anselmo Born 1934 Italian Sculptor
Pino Pascali 1935-1968 Italian Painter
Luciano Fabro 1936-2007 Italian Sculptor
Jannis Kounellis Born 1936 Greek
Alighiero e Boetti 1940-1994 Italian
Giulio Paolini Born 1940 Italian Painter/Sculptor
Piero Gilardi Born 1942 Italian Sculptor
Pier Paolo Calzolari Born 1943 Italian Installation Artist
Gilberto Zorio Born 1944 Italian Sculptor
Giuseppe Penone Born 1947 Italian Sculptor/Conceptual Artist



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